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What Are The Requirements For A Student Visa In Canada?

Student Visa In Canada

What Are The Requirements For A Student Visa In Canada

If you want to study in Canada, you must fulfil the Canada student visa requirements. Also, you will have to be eligible for a student visa or study permit before applying for the one for students. You must apply online at least six months after your last tuition. The application for the one is quite easy and simple to complete.

Are you a student and want to study in Canada’s high-ranking universities? You don’t need to be worried; we are here to help you. 

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Why To Study In Canada?

Why did many students want to study in find out here Canada? The answer is that Canada is considered one of the best destinations for students to study. Furthermore, the people of Canada are very humble and friendly. Also, Canadian student visa requirements offer numerous benefits to global students.

Besides, the country is fully secure for all visitors, as this country has a low crime rate. Other than that, Canada has an excessive level of educational possibilities and health care facilities. Therefore, many students want to study in Canada.

A Canadian student visa is one of the best possibilities for students who want to study abroad. Moreover, suppose you’re going to study in a country that offers you recognized degrees at affordable costs. In that case, Canada is the best choice to select.

Canada Student Visa Requirements 

An eligible student should need to follow certain terms and conditions to apply to Canadian universities: 

  • Includes basic documents of the student required for applying for a Student visa: a valid ID (passport), recent photographs, medical certificate, details of any criminal background, & your spouse’s details.
  • Get your acceptance letter from your Canadian university, submit your study permit application, and show proof of necessary funds. 

We will assist you throughout the documentation process of Canadian student visa requirements, such as the application process, documentation collection, offer acceptance, IELTS training & many more!

Get Your Documents Ready 

The application for the Canada student visa requirements to enter the country has two forms. One of them is for Canadians living outside Canada along with their dependents. Furthermore, a pre-visit is used by both the applicants and the immigration officers to carry out the procedure. Moreover, a pre-visit also allows the applicant to know how much time needs to pass before starting the application process. 

However, the other form is for Canadian residents only,

which shows the details about the applicant. It contains some information about age, current residence and employment. This form also carries a personal statement of facts and

evidence of identity, work experience, educational qualification, and family history that proves your previous residence in Canada before applying for the study permit.

Canadian Student Visa Requirement

Canadian Student Visa Requirement
Canadian Student Visa Requirement

The Canadian student visa requirement is that people studying abroad (studying overseas) in the U.S or any other major tourist destination should have at least a Class A resident status before applying to get the Australian student visa for student or foreigner. 

Apart from this, Canadian citizens residing outside Canada are subject to certain restrictions on entry to Canada. However, at the same time, the foreign nationals applying for the one must reside in the country for 13 months. They have to show up with an adequate document proving residency in Canada to make the application for the student visa. 

Thus, according to CIC, “Those who lack the requisite skills to work in Canada can make alternate entries for student or foreigner/work permit using Form I-4 instead of form I-2 visa’s since their skills can match the requirements of Section 6(1)(a), (b) and (2) for International Entry as well as a temporary work permit or other non-residential visas for international work or business.”

The Canadian passport is recognized internationally by many countries worldwide, and its validity depends on the condition under which it is issued.

How To Apply For A GIS License In Canada?

The Government of Canada offers several types of licenses like:

  • GIS
  • Geometric Information System
  • Satellite-Based Radio
  • Global Initiative On Biodiversity
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Earth Observation Through Remote Sensing Systems. 

However, the basic ones are GIS License for all types of organizations, satellite-based radio license, Global Initiative on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management (GIM) license for commercial entities and earth observation through remote sensing systems license for organizations and non-profit


The applications for these licenses must include supporting documents such as a certified copy of relevant ID proof of owner. The organization in question can submit

the document on behalf of the person, or he can file the document himself. Also another form is called the General Application Form (GA).

The GA is a set form where the applicants need to fill in all the necessary details

like name, job title, and education. They can submit the document and their application forms within seven days of submission. Moreover, to apply for the GIS License, you will need to present all copies of the approved copies by visiting the above website. Otherwise, if you have already submitted your application form but still haven’t received any response, you might get notified again. 

You have to pay $150 to apply for the GIS License; however, you need not worry about the payment as per the rules. You will not face any problems after getting approval.

After that, it may take longer than usual to become successful, so check on the status regularly.


You need to choose your dream university, consider Canada student visa requirement policies, select your university, gain admission, and go. Furthermore, Pakistani candidates who want to study in Canada must have to submit the following documents:

  • Students must have to submit the acceptance letter for the desired Canadian university.
  • If a student is applying for the best Canadian university, they need to have 12 years of education.
  • Moreover, O levels and A level students also can observe this program.
  • Other than submitting your clinical certificates, clearance letters (stating that you don’t have any criminal record), passport size pictures, and economic institution statements.
  • One must need to have proof regarding the paid tuition fee.
  • In addition, submit your certificate concerning the language proficiency test.

Procedure, Terms, And Conditions 

Furthermore, pupils who are applying for Canada student visa requirements must be fluent in the English language. Although speaking English isn’t a primary requirement for getting a visa, it includes primary terms and conditions.

The students must have scored a minimum of 5.5 in IELTS to apply for a diploma degree. And for getting admission in post-graduate and diploma, the score for IELTS needs to amongst 6.0- 6.5

However, if you’re applying online for a visa in Canada, consider the following steps:

  • Firstly, scan all of your documents and photos before uploading them to the website.
  • Secondly, you need to have a valid credit card to pay with

Besides that, read all of the guidelines and recommendations. Afterwards, prepare your application package. Moreover, you need to know about your local visa office commands while applying for a Canadian student visa.

Canada Prime Immigration Services 

For further details about Canadian student visa requirements, you can contact us or visit us. Moreover, Pakistani students can now avail this opportunity to get a Canadian student visa quickly without going through any difficulty. The main goal of our company Canada Prime Immigration is to offer our clients the best services. You don’t need to be concerned now, and we’re right here to help you move toward a bright journey.

For further tips and guidelines to study in Cananda read this.

Our Services

We assist our customers in offering our incredible and responsible services, including:

  • Coaching 
  • Connecting with Canadian authorized incubation
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Last Words

However, before applying for a Canadian student visa requirements, you must know about the future university’s guidelines and criteria.

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