Get ready for a party with a unique cowboy hat

Get ready for a party with a unique cowboy hat

The history of the cowboy hat dates back to the 1860s. The first cowboy headgear was returned to the Mongolian horsemen as early as the 13th century. However, a few hat manufacturers popularized cowboy headwear in the 1860s. That is when conventional cowboy headwear became a vogue. From the beginning, people were very cautious of hat etiquette. With cowboy hats came up the hat etiquette. Since cowboy hats were a staple item in the western fashion industry, people never used to take a chance with hat etiquette. They used to make many changes and experiment with different categories of cowboy hats to look outstanding. Remember that cowboy hats signify hard work and simplicity at the same time. There are a few specific rules that you have to bear in mind when wearing cowboy hats. If you are thinking of how to wear cowboy hats correctly, then there are a few guidelines that you must follow.

  • How does the season dictate cowboy hat selection? 

One of the vital points that you cannot lose sight of is the season. Cowboy hats come from materials like straw, fur, and even leather. From the names, you can understand that each of these materials is not for every season. For example, felt may be worn in winters to protect your head from the dampness and cold. On the other hand, straw cowboy headwear is for the summertime to protect the head from heat and sun. Fashion rules change, adding to the cowboy hat’s versatility. Looking at felt cowboy hats, you will see that these are available in different designs, sizes, shapes, and finishes. You will understand that they dictate your straw or felt cowboy hat selection if you go by better practices. Based on the season, you can go for a straw cowboy hat for your summer parties and a felt cowboy hat for your chilly winter evening walks here.


  • Handle the cowboy hat with care  

How you handle the cowboy hat says a lot about your hat etiquette. Some people remove the hat by the brim, but if you go by hat etiquette, it reveals that best practices and traditions ask you to remove the hat by the crown. If you want to adjust the headwear, place it on a surface and hold it by the crown, not by the brim. When removing or changing the hat, it’s always better not to show the hat’s interior. The inside and the headwear band are not for others to see.

Go for a properly fitted cowboy hat

Cowboy hats demand respect for the individual wearing it. When wearing the hat, ensure it is not too big for you. If the headwear is too small, then it will make you uncomfortable. Otherwise, it will make you look observed and silly. Either way, you will not grab any suitable attention. When wearing the hat, it’s always better to go for the perfect fit available at so it fits your head whenever you are riding horses, working, cleaning the barn, plowing the field, or doing any other task. You also go for the customized headwear, which is in rage and makes you look terrific. If you have a few specific requirements, you may convey the same to the hat manufacturer. Remember that these individuals are there to help you out. Hence, you can get the headwear of your choice.

  • Do not mess with the hat

When wearing cowboy hats, there are a few hat etiquettes that you have to bear in mind. For example, when eating in a restaurant, remove your hat; you must take off your hat when you enter the building, restaurant, or any person’s house. On the other hand, you have to take it off when attending a formal occasion. When eating casual meals at the counter, you may wear a hat, but when you are sitting at the table in a restaurant, you have to take it off.

Hat etiquettes further reveal that the way you wear a hat shows respect. Hence, the hat must come off whenever you attend a procession, sing the national anthem, and hoist the flag.

Also, when you meet an individual for the first time, especially an aged one, you must put down your hat. The list never ends here. The hat has to come off when you participate in the funeral procession, attend the church, or a mass. When you speak to an individual, the hat comes off, and you place it near your chest to respect the other person.

Now that you know about cowboy hats in detail, it is time to look for a durable, comfortable, warm cowboy hat. As already mentioned, there is a collection of cowboy hats that you can purchase. Hence, it is always reasonable to go for exclusive and well-reputed manufacturers known for their high-quality material. Go for a style that compliments your face and goes with your head shape.





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