Top Outlook PST Recovery Software and Tips to Choose the Best for Your Organization

Top Outlook PST Recovery Software and Tips to Choose the Best for Your Organization

It should be your top priority to repair your PST file without losing any time when it is corrupted and without causing any more damage. Today, you have access to several Outlook PST File Recovery tools that promise the perfect solution and claim to be the number 1 software for Outlook PST repair and recovery. However, many of these tools fail to resolve petty PST file corruption. Businesses must use effective data recovery software for many reasons, including safeguarding themselves from critical data loss because of user error, software corruption, or hardware failures.

Moreover, these powerful and versatile tools are best for data recovery when natural disasters, virus attacks, or sudden power outages strike. Some users seek assistance from these advanced data recovery software for retrieving accidentally deleted files. Irrespective of the reason behind seeking assistance from these advanced data recovery software systems, you would like to opt for the best PST recovery tool or software.

PST file is a crucial Outlook data file. You may use it for saving critical Outlook data on your computer. The PST file helps you access effortlessly all Outlook objects like emails, events, contacts, reminders, and more without Internet connectivity. However, PST files are susceptible to harm or corruption.

Tips To Choose the Best Data Recovery Software                                       

According to experts at Forbes, there are numerous queries to take into account while choosing the appropriate data recovery software for your business. You should consider and find answers to the questions mentioned below before choosing the perfect PST file recovery software.

  • What kind of file do you require to recover? You should realize that data recovery software now and then specializes in specific types of files, for instance, some files are perfect for photos while some other files are best for emails.
  • What kind of budget do you have? The prices of data recovery tools or software range from free to hundreds of US dollars annually.
  • What platform are you using? Some data recovery software or tools work solely on Windows. However, some others work on Mac as well as Windows.
  • How much data are you required to recover? Some data recovery tools are in the habit of restricting the overall amount of data that you are free to recover. In such cases, you may consider upgrading to paid plans.
  • What other special features are you looking for? Data recovery tools often provide additional features such as lost partition recovery, file repair, and disk cleanup.

For solving the major problem of identifying the apt outlook PST File Recovery tools, our experts have tested some of the most trusted tools under diverse forms of PST file corruption, errors, or damage.

The Best Tools for PST File Recovery

Stellar Repair for Outlook

One of the most recommended PST file repair and recovery software is Stellar Repair for Outlook. It has been developed by expert data recovery specialists with more than 25 years of exposure and experience. Stellar is a highly reliable PST repair tool that is best for resolving severely damaged PST files. The Unique Selling Point of this popular recovery tool is its intuitive and rich GUI. It ensures seamless recovery without any technical support or assistance. This software is best for repairing PST file damage triggered by improper file sharing, PST file header corruption, or disrupted PST compaction. Stellar is compatible with MS Outlook 2019, or 2016, other earlier versions, and Office 365. It is effective in retrieving valuable data from encrypted and password-protected PSTs.

Voimakas Outlook PST Recovery

Voimakas is relatively new software, and you may not have heard much about it. However, the versatile software has proved its efficacy as PST file repair & recovery software. It is best for repairing damaged or corrupted PST files. Moreover, it will be saving the restored PST Outlook emails and then restore all the emails in an existing or a brand new readable PST file. It helps recover password-protected PST files. Moreover, it allows the splitting of a single PST data file into multiple files. It facilitates saving selected items. It is best for seamless restoration of PST files and that may include emails, contacts, attachments, notes, and calendars.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair software is effective and highly trusted PST repair and recovery software. You may use this highly-acclaimed software for repairing and recovering PST files, irrespective of the size or volume of the data. Moreover, it is capable of restoring all mailbox items, including calendars, mail messages, appointments, contact; distribution lists, meeting requests, and more. DataNumen is best for recovering emails in specific file formats such as RTF, HTML, and plain text. It is best for supporting the recovery of files as humungous as 17179869184 GB. This software helps to split gigantic PST files into much smaller PST files. It is best for recovering permanently deleted items on Microsoft Outlook.


The market offers a wide range of cutting-edge data recovery software and tools. We understand that corruption may occur in even large PST data files on Outlook. It may result in the inaccessibility of critical emails, calendars, attachments, address books, and more. Even though you have easy access to a broad spectrum of data recovery tools, it can be extremely challenging to choose the most suitable tool to cater to your specific requirements or unique specifications. We have discussed the top three PST file repair and recovery tools so that you can be on the right track to perfect data recovery.

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