How to delete all schlage door lock code

How to delete all schlage door lock code. Are you looking to delete all codes in your Schlage keypad lock but don’t know how to do it?

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Let’s get right into it! First off, Schlage keypad locks come with a 6-digit Programming Code and two 4-digit User Codes.

The Programming Code lets you change programming settings in your lock, but a User Code unlocks the lock by using the keypad.

Schlage can be used for any number of users, with any number of User Codes.

You can’t delete the programming code, but you can replace it with any other codes you want.

If you’re interested in removing all the codes from your Schlage lock, it means you want to delete all user codes.

How to delete all schlage door lock code

Look at the picture above to see how to do this.

Delete All codes At once

This Schlage deadbolt is Programmable so you can enter your 6-digit code whenever you want to, but there’s a three-buzz.

Press the Schlage button on the keypad. Press key 6 on the keypad.

This is a signal that your door is ready for you to enter. Make sure that you wait for the signal to enter the building before you do so.

If you are in a hurry, enter the 6 digit code again to get your free trial.

The Schlage button will blink green, then 1 short beep, which shows that one of the user codes has not been deleted. Here is Guide about how do i change my 4 digit schlage lock code.

Delete All codes One By One

So, in order to delete all codes (User Codes) in your Schlage Lock at once, this is what you need to do.

If you want to remove the current programming code and replace it with another 6 digit code, first press Enter, then hold the Schlage button for five seconds and let it turn orange, and then wait for three beeps.

When you’re in lockout mode, press key 1, then press the Schlage button. Wait for the Schlage button to light orange three times, followed by three beeps.

Enter your User Code, then wait for the Schlage button to light orange three times, followed by three beeps.

Please re-enter the user code to be deleted to complete the operation.

The lock will light green and beep, meaning the User Code has been successfully deleted.

Remove all of the user codes—until you have no more.

Changing Code on schlage door lock

Follow these instructions to modify the Schlage lock’s standard 4-digit code.

Step 1: Locate your source code

If your lock is brand new, you’ll need to unscrew the faceplate and remove the keypad to see the original programming code.

If you can’t remember your keypad code, you’ll need to reset the keypad to its default settings (jump down to that section).

Step 2: Put your programming code

Enter your six-digit programming code on the keypad.

The Schlage button will blink once, and then make three distinct beeping sounds. Here is Guide about how to unlock a door knob with a hole on the side.

Step 3: simultaneously press the Schlage and number 1 buttons

Press the Schlage button and then press the number 1 key on the keypad simultaneously.

You’ve got to push the lock button twice to lock the front door.

Step 4: Type in your new access code

Insert your new user code on the keypad assembly.

This must be a unique code that is not currently being used as a primary entry code or guest code.

It’s not the first four digits of your coding code that makes it easy.

Step 5: To confirm, enter your 4-digit code one again

This time confirm your code by entering the same four-digit code once more.

If everything goes well, the Schlage button will flash green, then it will make one beep, and finally, it will shut off.

Test the code to make sure everything was working correctly.


As you can see, the codes you need to deactivate a Schlage keypad door lock are relatively easy to remove.

However, you need to know the current programming code to make any programming changes.

If you’ve forgotten the programming code for your click for info Amazon Echo, you’ll need to perform a factory reset.

If you want a simple locking function, then use the default programming code to create any function in the lock.

This is a good resource for DIY shoppers and keypad enthusiasts.

If something is not working for you, please refer to your user manual, or just google for instruction manual” to find it.

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