Introduction :

In this Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List you will find multiple cookie characters that you may build your own team by using them. These Cookies have the ability to compete in various battles that players can experience. With the advance updates, new cookies are continuously being added to the game. This adds more pleasure for the players and presents new dimensions in the game. As all the cookies are valuable and provide a certain role not all cookies are suitable for combat. Such as for gacha games Azure Lane, Ark nights, these games Daddy Cookie Run; over break these cookies are more powerful than others.

Brief Description of Cookies Run Kingdom Tier List:

In Cookie Run kingdom you have to do two prominent things; Build a kingdom and run. After entering the game you will analyze a cute gingerbread town ambled with multiple cookies characters and buildings. You may decorate the town by adding beauty with buildings, cafes and gardens. After that you may enter the hub in order to select the stage of “Run” which is part of the game. Kingdom, like the popular mobile game, got fame. While playing the game, you will use cookies by using different roles like attacks, defenders, and healers. You may build a team according to your own desire that can defeat the most terrifying of cake monsters. While winning different stages you will earn various rewards that you will use by upgrading your buildings and town. For the sake of leveling up you have to upgrade your kingdom by decorating buildings. All these circumstances make a team.

Cookie run kingdom Tier List Where to Find Out:

The Tier list is a great modern game with various kinds of cookies available in modern digital and internet devices. To enjoy this pleasurable game you will be available with this game on Android and IOS. It is a modern game published by Devisters.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Battle Modes:

There are three main battle modes in this Cookie Run kingdom. Every Mode has its own rules and specific recommended Cookies. New Updates adds the performance and values of these Cookies. There are three main battle modes that are described below;

1) World Exploration

2) Kingdom Arena

3) Guild Battle

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List World Exploration:

In this mode cookie plays in different world exploration stages. Players enjoy most of their time in these stages in combating a small amount of enemy hoards while struggling to get the goal to the end. For this purpose, the Top Tier Cookies listed in the given section are very suitable in Tropical Soda Island Stages and some of them are suitable for Tower of Sweet Chaos Stages.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Kingdom Arena:

  The participants of Kingdom arena Cookies fight battles against other enemy cookie teams that are made under the supervision of other players. To fight a better game you should be well aware of the powers of cookies, what kind of cookies are dangerous or what kind of cookies are not.

Cookie Run kingdom Tier List Guild Battle:

In this Mode Players enjoy the most dangerous cookies that damage the enemy. Single Target Cookies are very suitable to ruin the enemies.

Cookies run Tier List Categories:

Cookies are divided into different categories according to their performance and their role in the game. These are described below step by step;

l. Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: S tier Cookies

ll. Cookie Run kingdom Tier List A tier Cookies

lll.Cookie Run kingdom Tier List: B tier Cookies

lv. Cookies Run kingdom Tier List C Tier Cookies

v. Cookies Run Kingdom Tier List D Tier Cookies

Cookie Run Tier List S Tier Cookies:

1) Hollyberry Cookie – S + Tier

 2) Strawberry Crepe Cookie – S+ Tier Tank

3) Pure Vanilla Cookie – S + tier Support

4) Sorbet Shark Cookie – S + Tier 

5) Sea Fairy Cookie – S + Tier

6) Parfait Cookie – S +Tier

7) Black raisin Cookie s + Tier

8) Madeleine Cookie – S tier

9) Lilac Cookie – S Tier

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: A Tier Cookie:

1) Pumpkin Pie, Herb, Mala Sauce, Twizzly Gummy, Raspberry, 

Strawberry Crepe, Black Raison, Vampire, Rye Parfait, 

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List: B Tier Cookies:

Sonic, Tails, Latte, Almond, Sorbit Mango, Mint Choco, Poison Mushroom, 

Pastry, Tiger Lily

Cookie Run kingdom Tier List: C Tier Cookies:

Pomegranate, Milk Cookie, Purple Yame, Espresso, Red Velvet, Sparkling, squid link

Cookie Run kingdom Tier List: D Tier Cookies:

Madeleine, Chili Pepper, Lilac, Cream puff, Fig, snow Sugar, Kumiho, Werewolf

Cookie run kingdom Tier List in Details:

WE will discuss the following features of each cookie precisely step by step. The following cookies build the team to play.

. Holly berry Cookies

. Moon Rabbit cookies

. Sorbet Shark Cookies

. Espresso Cookie

. Latte Cookie

. Dark Choco Cookie

. Pure Vanilla Cookie

. Black Raisin Cookie

. Sea Fairy Cookie


All these cookies made together a squad. They are considered monsters in PVP as on the other hand they still have value in PVE. They are spread all over the world map. They are found everywhere in the Arena. They will offer you a very aggressive competition while you will lose your temper while fighting with different cookies. You have to stop if you forgot to feed star jellies. You utilize them to feed at least three slots once you get them by making them together with Espresso and Latte.

Holly Berry Cookie Features:

Ancient, Front, Defense, Tank, Big Mama’s Hardtack Hugs. Holly berry cookies have a powerful history. But the main problem with her is that she wants to kill herself with her preciouses skills which cause huge damage. As the matter of fact, when moon Rabbit occurs, holly berry makes a huge buff spreading her 20% damage. The Power of Redirection from 6 to 9 seconds makes it more powerful. Holly berry is so powerful and competitive that she can easily break Sorbet Shark Jaws with the help of her face.


Moon rabbit Cookies Features:

Defense, Front, Heal on Kill, AOE Damage, GIMME YOUR WICE CAKEF. The basic feature of this cookie is that it is fat and thing for rice cake. With the skill of transforming adorably it looks like a fatter rabbit who climbs into enemy. It attacks and damages the enemy. Every time Moon Rabbit hits the target within 10 seconds, it heals the party 10 times stronger. It is true that she has a great ability to snowball in PVP as a secondary healer. Your healer power becomes more powerful in the presence of a rabbit moon. With his skill, the vampire kills enemies within 10 times. In order to win you must make your enemy impossible to recover.


Sorbet Shark Cookies Features:

APIC, MID, AMBUSH, Ant – Tank. It is shaped like a tiny deck swabbing shark that has the ability of bubble noises and rip tanks with attractive little cute jaws. The specific skill of sorbit shark Cookies is within two hits. It hits first in front of two enemies and harms the enemy normally. On the other hand, second hit Blow with a Lion ear AOE affects them normally. It depends on the enemies’ max healing power. In fact the damage cannot increase 300000 damage only in a single hit. As a matter of fact, they are very dangerous in front and expose the enemy in the middle. If you damage the healing power you will destroy the enemy more.


Espresso Cookies Features:

EPIC, MID, MAGIC, AOE Damage Dealer, Ethically Questionable Physics. It is some kind of single target damage enemy but can also be applied on a crowd. Espresso has the ability to hit the enemy hard enough; it also sucks the power of any survival enemy from its center.


Latte Cookies Features:

EPIC, MID, MGIC, AOE, Damage, Silence, Smooth And Sweet. Latte Cookies have an aggressive power. Its skill is the same as espresso and it harms the enemy in the same way. You can use it as a more aggressive tool for Licorice in PVP Who also has a more powerful defensive ability to fight. To give her some HP just give her some raspberries and tribute her as a squad nuke.


Dark Choco Cookies Features:

EPIC, FRONT, CHARGE, AOE, Debuffer, Medium Tank, A Dark Shower Curtain of Death. With the cute silky hair and gorgeous black armor of Dark Choco cookies are not only these positive points but also its great power of damaging the enemy is also very valuable. His Power can harm a crowd of enemies. He may be used in both PVP and PVE. To keep him energized some Almonds and solid Walnuts are provided to him.


Pure Vanilla Cookies Features:

ANCIENT, REAR, HEALER, Team, Healer, Team Shield, Custard after Vitamin Gummies. It has the most gentle appearance. Of the Ancient Tier Cookies, Pure Vanilla Cookies is the first released. He has the power of instant healing for the whole party. He also offers a protective shield for the whole team that 20% adds HP.Some raspberries and chocolates adds its power. 


Black Raisin Cookies Features:

Epic, MID, AMBUSH, Area DPS, Supersonic Blackbird. Black raisin Cookies attack very well her central target and wherever she wants. She can perform two roles as AOE as a damage dealer or to beat a boss with DPS. She minimizes the vacuum of Espresso Vortex or the latte’s glyph.


Sea Fairy Cookies Features:

LEGENDARY, MID, BOMBER, Multi Target Burst Damage, Multi Target Heavy Stun, Walking Naval Disaster Zone. Sea fairy cookies apparently single handed with her great insane power sank the high level PVP.

The Best Character in Cookies Run kingdom:

Herb Cookie plays its role as a healer. He has a little bit. For your game play they are a great healer .With the specialized great qualities, this cookie may easily restore HP values of the allies.

The Great Team List:

Team 1: Balanced Defense

Team 2: Balanced Aggression

Team 3: A Massive Case of Indigestion

Team 4: The First and Oldest Meta

Team 5: Ginger scam

Team 6: Precision Strike

Team 7: Lilac’s Machinegun Team

Team 8: The Gacha Smiles upon Thee

Among them the following three teams are best;

Team 1: Balanced Defense:

Rear: Custard, Cookie lll or Herb Cookie

Middle: Espresso Cookie Licorice Cookie

Front: Purple Yam Cookie, Knight Cookie or Milk Cookie

Team 4: The First and Oldest Meta:

Rear: Herb Cookie or Pomegranate Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie

Middle: Espresso Cookie, LicoRice Cookie

Front: Milk Cookie or Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie

Team 5: Gingers came:

Rear: Almond Cookie, Pure Vanilla cookie

Middle: Sea fairy Cookie or black raisin cookie, Tiger lily Cookie or cherry cookie

Front Ginger Brave

Unlock new Cookies Characters:

Such as it is a Gacha game, you have to gamble a some kind of fictional ‘gem’ to get cookies that are earned by defeating enemies or accomplishing different tasks. They may also be purchased with real money.

Ways to Earn Free Crystals In Cookie Run Kingdom:

You will be well aware how to get crystals freely.You have to take the following steps for this purpose.

1) Story Mode Missions:

The stages of story mode missions offer free crystals. You will get X20 crystals for the first time. If you win all the stages having two stars or three stars you will get more crystals.

2) World Map:

You will find a lot of treasure  on the map if you briefly analyze. You will find free crystals through these treasures.

3) The Story Mode Quests:

Have a look on the main screen of the game, on the lower right side, tape on the mission icons in order to check the detail. These are called story quests that you can cover and can get free crystals

4) Accomplish the tasks:

In order to check the achievements, tap the specific cookie avatar in the top left corner of the game, after that at the bottom, tap achievements. These missions are tough but can be rewarding.


To wrap up the discussion we may say that Cookies Run Kingdom Tier List is a brand new Android and IOS game with the multiple characters of the cookies. With the passage of time the game gets new trends and new variations in the game that provides a great pleasure to players.

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