Career with Esports, or How to Make Money with Fun

However, the esports industry provides a lucrative career if you have the necessary abilities, desire, and something special to give. The sector is predicted to expand quickly; from $900 million in 2019, it generated $1.7 billion in revenue by 2021. 

Here are four ways to start making money through Esports.

Develop Your Skills as an Esports Professional

It is the most ‘obvious’ but also the most difficult approach to transform your passion into a career. To become a professional, you must first form a team and gain recognition by competing in multiple lower-level leagues before ascending the leaderboards. You might even go it alone and hope to be signed to an established squad after competing in several contests. 

You can earn between US $30,000 and $50,000 annually if you join a professional team, plus any sponsorship arrangements and cash awards for winning contests. 

Going pro is a lot of work. You must be extremely dedicated to only one video game and devote hours to acquiring the skills and tactics required to stand out. Pro-gamers often train 8-10 hours daily and devote their efforts and resources to coaching, physical and mental fitness, and team strategy development. League competition is fierce, particularly for the most famous games, such as Dota 2, LoL, and (CS: GO). ‍

Consider Becoming a Twitch Streamer

Another common approach to earning money while playing Esports is to stream your game on Twitch. Like YouTube channels, Twitch enables committed gamers to earn money by playing their favorite games and gaining subscribers. Once you’ve built a following, you can transform your passion into a full-time job. 

Finding a unique approach or style is the key to gaining subscribers. The most popular Twitch channels offer viewers something different: game tips and guidance, humor, insight, or any other unique selling factor. 

If you can increase your subscriber base, you can get ‘tips’ from fans and a piece of Twitch’s advertising revenue – and you may even be able to land sponsorship arrangements. ‍

Esports Betting

Do you consider yourself an authority on the tactics and methods the world’s top Esports players use? Do you know CS: GO and League of Legends contests like no one else? Do you have a knack for math and statistics? If this is the case, Esports betting could be a viable option. 

Most online betting sites like GGBet now offer the chance to bet on Esports like you would bet on any other sport. If you’re confident, it’s another way to potentially profit from a rapidly developing business. 

Esports Supports Businesses

Actively playing video games isn’t the only option to monetize your gaming hobby. As the Esports industry expands, there are several options for both normal compensated jobs and working as an independent operator. It includes items such as:

  • Working in the sport’s live event management department
  • Working for one of the Esports leagues or video game companies that organize competitions
  • Content creation and journalism
  • Commentating 
  • Refereeing 
  • Become a representative for an Esports talent or team.
  • Sales, marketing, and sponsorship for leagues, video game companies, or Esports professionals

Managing Your Revenue from Esports

Whether you consider Esports a full-time career or simply a means to have fun while earning a little extra money, you’ll need a way to manage your income. Esports is a global industry with competitions, customers, and sponsors located all over the world. 

You may also be spending money in different locations; for example, you may pay entry fees for a German competition one week and a Canadian league the next. Consequently, you must conveniently and affordably handle the money you send across borders. 

Although there are numerous cybersports games, here are a few of the most popular:


Developed by Valve in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as CS: GO, is a competitive FPS multiplayer computer game. CS: GO offers millions of dollars to avid games as prize money annually. While players can battle against computer-controlled enemies, the player-versus-player option is the most utilized in this game.

Popular CS: GO tournaments include ESL DH Atlanta 2023, BLAST World Final 2023, IEM 2023 Fall, IESF World 2023, etc. These tournaments have attracted teams such as AlHilal from Saudi Arabia, MRS from Spain, GMB from Russia, etc. 

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a deep multiplayer action RTS eSport game. This game connects millions of gamers worldwide while battling in a 5v5 squad clash. Dota 2 is free to play. From fierce brutes to magical tacticians and scheming rogues, the hero’s pool in Dota 2 offers massive and limitless diversity to players. 

Players can experience and unleash implausible abilities as they battle to victory. Dota 2 was updated on 11/1/2023. The update brings additional role filters that allow players to find suitable heroes for each game. It also got rid of Jungler from the hero’s list of roles.

Some popular teams that play Dota 2 include RNG from China, QCY from the United States, and DBS from Saudi Arabia. Popular tournaments include IESF 2023, DPC SA Tour 3, BTS Pro Series, Golden Age, and Fallen Cup S2.  


Created by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, PUBG is an adventurous Battle Royale game released in March 2018. It focuses on shooting experience, maps, and HD visual quality, providing players with a fantastic Battle Royale experience.

Several players land on the battleground and start an exciting yet intense battle journey. Each player has to traverse the map terrain while hunting for survival supplies and other items. The goal is to remain the last man standing on the battleground. Players can select maps ranging from Miramar, Livik, Erangel, Sanhok, and many more. 

PUBG is an eSport game and a network connection hub for gamers worldwide. VP (Russia), TSM (United States), and NH (China) are the top three teams participating in PUBG. 


Valorant is a 5v5 character-based eSport game. It is a tactical FPS with accurate gunplay that requires exceptional agent capabilities. Players can blend their experience and style on a universal competitive stage. They have 13 battle rounds and defend their territories, combining tactical abilities and precise gunplay.

Valorant eSport has major tournaments such as Valorant Championships 2023, VCT 2023, VCL 2023, KVC 2023, etc. Big teams in these tournaments include OPTC (United States), G2.G (Europe), XSET (United States), M3C (Russia), etc.


Fortnite is an adventurous free-to-play eSport game. It is a cross-platform Battle Royale game with multiple modes for various players. A player can create, play, and battle with other players in Fortnite for free. Fortnite has the following game modes:

  • Zero Build
  • Save the World
  • Zero Build
  • Battle Royale

League of Legends

League of Legends is a popular strategy game that involves a team of five champions. The player seeks to destroy their opponent’s base. Players can choose from hundreds of champions to create an epic play, bring down opponents’ towers, and make secure kills as they battle to victory.

Popular to gamers and betting fans, League of Legends draws massive audience support annually. League of Legends has well-known players such as Choi Hyeon-jon (Doran), Choi Woo-je (Zeus), Han Wang-ho (Peanut), and Hwang Seong-hoon (Kingen). All these players are from South Korea.


Hearthstone is among the most prevalent esports worldwide. It is also one of the top gaming card games. However, unfortunately, its title doesn’t match the event level, as it were. In 2023, Hearthstone Esports witnessed massive funds and offering cuts. 

There has been a significant decline in the scale and scope of competitive play. This means Hearthstone’s premier circuit will have about three Masters events. These will be online events with an attendance of 16 players only for each. Also, each event does not have a prize pool. 

Other Hearthstone tournaments are LL 2023 Fall (Lobby Legends), World Championship 2023, Grandmasters’ Last Call, etc. Top teams in these tournaments include Pandore from France, ILH from the UK, and YaLLa from Jordan.


Esports has become a thing among youth and young adults today. It offers exciting adventures for gamers as they play against each other. Since players are virtually live characters, there is limitless creativity and skills to be shown in the field. Investing in Esports has made it a professional competition where players battle for prestigious titles and monetary rewards. 

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