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Games are a beautiful part of our lives. We turn to games whenever we are upset or bored. Playing games is also a hobby of some people. People like to play different games. But the trend of online games has been very common in recent times. There are a variety of online games to entertain people. But in this article, I am going to explain all the things about the shadow fight 3 code. This article contains all the information about the shadow fight 3 code. So if you are looking for a complete description of the shadow fight 3 code. Then you must read this article carefully.

What is a shadow fight 3 promo code?

This is an online fighting game. It was released in 2021. The one who wants to play this game has to create his fighting warrior first and then modify him according to his wish. Anyone who wants to play the game can download it from the play store or Apple store for free.

What codes are working in the shadow fight 3 promo code?

Following is the list of shadow fight 3 promo codes. Currently, the following codes are working.

  • NEW-EAR1 – Redeem this code for free reward
  • NBEL-VBVX – Redeem this code for free gems
  • VBCZ-MSQN – Redeem this code for exclusive items
  • UF57-HYE – Redeem this code for chest of gems
  • XOOM-8 OML – Redeem this code for free items
  • BW_8m01CaRXpb – Redeem this code for bag of gems
  • DU_05oA7XDuW4 – Redeem this code for free gems
  • IF_3rPnO67C8F – Redeem this code for in game reward
  • NB_elVBVxI3YF – Redeem this code for bag of gems.
  • PZ_wxnVjPEmbY – Redeem this code for huge number of gems by using this code.
  • QU_98sDKolJ3u – Redeem this code for free reward
  • TRUE-SUPER – Redeem this code for free gems

You must have to use these codes before they expire. You can regain the codes to get rewards and get progress in the game.

How to redeem code in shadow fight 3

It is very easy to regain the expired code of shadow fight 3. You just need to do the following steps for this process. Both android and iPhone users do the same steps to regain the expired codes. Important steps to regain the codes are as follows.

Step 1 – Go to the store after launching the shadow fight 3 ( take a look at screenshot )


Step 2 – Then go to the offers page
Step 3 – Click on free ( take a look at screenshot )


Step 4 – Click on input promo code


step 5 – Copy a working promo code and paste it.
Step 6 – click on ok to regain it.

Is the use of these codes safe or not?/benefits of using these codes.

If you think about the safety of these codes, if you are confused about using them for safety reasons then you should use these codes without tension. Because these codes are 100 percent safe for use. Infect you will get different rewards after using these. These codes attract new users to the game and also make the existing users happier.

How to level up fast in the shadow fight 3?

If you want to level up shadow fight 3 fast then you should do the following necessary things. You can also unlock cards by following the steps below.

Win duels

If you want to earn better here in shadow fight 3 then dual will be a great way. After participating in duels you will be able to level up your character, earn rewards, and prepare for story quests. When you win more than one duel in a row you will get the benefit that is you will get more coins at the end of each fight. You will also get better chests if you win multiple duels in a row. It is the best way to quickly level up.

By using combos and specials

If one wants to get his desired results he uses special moves for this purpose. These are a series of attacks that are used by armor. These combo attacks will help the armor to swamp your foe.

But you can also get more coins at the end of each fight. More use of these attacks will help you to do your best performance during battle and help in getting more rewards. If you get special activities like first strikes, head hits, shadow ability attacks, critical hits, and combos you will be able to get additional coins and you will be rewarded more. The good trick of getting additional coins is to use these special moves during each round of the battle.

Players just need to use these moves during the fight in each round and they will get more and more coins without doing something special. So players should be tricky sometimes while they are playing shadow fight 3 promo code.

Side quests

The next tip in the regard to quickly level up the shadow fight 3 promo code is side quests. What is a side quest? This question will arise in the minds of many readers. So a side quest will be defined as ” the quest or task that is given to the user who doesn’t have any idea or direction”.

Sometimes it will help to get money and coins. If one wants to earn more coins, card packs, and germ in the shadow fight 3 promo code then side quests will be a great way. You will get special rewards and unique parameters after completing each side quest. It will be a great alternative when you are going to fight with real players.

But the negative thing about side quests is that these are available for only a few hours. But it doesn’t affect their Precious work of getting additional coins.


Watch ads

Watching ads is one of the best ways to unlock a free card. In the shadow fight 3 promo code when you open a booster card pack there will be an option of watching ads normally. When you click on watching these ads you will get more weapons for free without spending a single penny.

Unlocking more cards will help you to get more coins which help you in getting more weapons. So according to my point, players should not skip this option.

Personal point of view

I will like to give this game seven out of ten. It is a good game overall.

This game is available with good graphics, control, and also a nice experience. But sometimes it turns to most annoying when some of its features do not work properly. But the developer team’s behavior is not professional and they do not search and fix the issues occurring in this game on time.





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