How to Change Your Age on TikTok?

There are 50 million daily users of TikTok in the United States. Over 18% of Americans, to be exact.

It’s excellent to become well-known on TikTok since it expands your audience, increases awareness of you or your brand, and promotes your likelihood of landing a brand sponsorship. Maybe you’re interested in growing your TikTok following, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Does it sound like you? Fortunately, you are in the right place. Here are seven suggestions to help you become a TikTok celebrity.

7 Essential Tips on How to Become Popular on TikTok

Establish a Niche

Finding your niche is an effective strategy for being well-known on TikTok. Choose, for instance, if you want to create skits or videos with jazz music playing in the background. Alternately, practise lip-syncing 10 seconds of your preferred music while watching a vibrant environment.

However, you are not required to use the same style for each TikTok. Having a niche makes it easier to gain followers since people who visit your page will know what to expect.

Use Popular Hashtags

Not sure how to get famous on TikTok? Look up the popular hashtags to learn which music to use in your videos.

Click the “Trending” tab to obtain ideas for this. To check whether there are any new songs to construct a video upon, watch the first 10 TikToks. Use a popular song as a model for your video, but inject some of your personality by turning it into a hilarious sketch.

Join Famous Challenges

Look out for popular challenges to take on if you want to learn how to develop on TikTok.

For instance, the founders of #ThePushUpChallenge came up with creative ways to perform pushups. Use trending hashtags to increase your reach since users were interested in finding new TikTokers, and this hashtag attracted millions of users. Challenges can also help you develop your style by inspiring you to learn about a new subject or musical genre.

Attempt to collaborate with influencers by contacting them as well. Make a duet or educational video; it might grow your fan base. Be careful who you collaborate with because a creator with a million followers might not be keen on a partnership with a micro-influencer. Choose someone who has a similar reach as a result.

Additionally, you must have a love for your market so that the film flows naturally and fits your aesthetic.

Post Consistently

Not sure how to become famous on TikTok?

A minimum of once per day should be posted, and you should buy TikTok views. Generally speaking, the more videos you produce, the more likely you will get new subscribers. Concerning production quality, don’t worry. Just make sure the audio and video are very clear.

Share your TikTok videos on Instagram and other social media platforms as well. It will increase traffic to your page because some of your Facebook friends might not be aware that you use TikTok. And to reach a wider audience, urge your loved ones to like and share your videos.

Sending humorous TikTok videos to YouTubers that report issues is another option. It is a fantastic approach to increase interest in your videos and establish your brand.

To increase your online presence, keep using the same handle across all your social media platforms. It will make it easier for folks to remember and follow you across your pages.

Also, be careful about when you publish. Because your followers are most likely to use the app between 11 AM and 5 PM, try to upload videos between those hours.

Be Unique

Don’t know how to increase your TikTok following?

To stand out from the crowd, find your voice. When you spend hours making the best TikTok video, and only a few people see it, it’s demoralizing, but you must be loyal to yourself.

Don’t copy someone else’s style; viewers can tell when someone is being genuine and enjoying themselves while filming videos. Instead, pick subjects close to your heart, even if they are uncharted territory.

Make Use of New TikTok Tools

TikTok’s algorithm, like many social media sites, adores it when users play with the newest features. Use any new filters or effects if they exist to help your video rank higher in searches.

Make videos that can be used again and again. You might want people to remix your video or utilize the soundtrack again so that you can be found by new users and get tagged.

Test Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a great method to interact in real-time with your audience. It should be noted that you may only utilize this feature if you have more than 1,000 followers.

Discuss the newest goods in your niche, respond to comments, or give viewers BTS access throughout your Livestream.

Recognize your weaknesses and work to overcome them

There isn’t a perfect TikToker out there.

Look for areas where you need improvements, such as how you interact with the camera or your editing abilities. As it will provide you peace of mind, keep practising till you are sure that people will love your content.

Don’t forget to acknowledge that not everyone will enjoy your TikToks, and that’s okay. Instead, pay attention to the supportive comments and keep producing videos you’re proud of since that matters most.


After reading this guide, perhaps you now understand how to become well-known on TikTok.

To expand your following, choose a niche about which you are enthusiastic, use popular hashtags, and post frequently. To make changes, you should also live stream, utilize the newest TikTok capabilities, and keep track of your progress.

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