Get Your Home Ready for a New Tenant with End of Tenancy Cleaning in Oxford

End of tenancy cleaning Oxford

End of tenancy cleaning Oxford is the final opportunity you have to make your property look as good as possible before your old tenants leave and your new tenants move in. Leaving your home unoccupied can mean it’s more likely to suffer damage, and you don’t want to walk into an unlivable property when you return from your holiday or business trip. Give your home the best chance of looking its best with our end of tenancy cleaning service in Oxford!

Why Hire an End Of Tenancy Cleaner?

Have you recently found yourself in the shoes of an estate agent? Trying to finish up an end-of-tenancy clean and negotiate the best deal for your property? Maybe you’re moving out and want to leave your current home as spotless as possible for your new tenants? At Tulip Cleaning Service, we know how stressful it can be to manage both tenancy cleaning and property upkeep. That’s why we offer two service packages: The one-off cleaner package (perfect if you just need someone to tackle the big jobs like cleaning skirting boards, hoovering under beds, dusting off paintings and furniture) or our full house cleaning package which is designed to get you ready to pass the property over quickly.

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How We Do It

Tulip Cleaning Service offer expert end of tenancy cleaning services throughout Oxford, tailored to your requirements. We’ll scrub and polish your kitchen, hoover the carpets, strip beds and put fresh linen on all the beds. Our cleaners are efficient and hardworking; they’ll tidy up before they leave – leaving you with an impeccable clean house that is ready to welcome a new tenant. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you out!

What You Should Consider Before You Choose A Cleaner?

1. Check the reviews and social media – people are quick to criticize, so it is important to be on the look out. The majority of reputable companies have an internet presence, but if they don’t then it might be wise to stay away from them. The best way to find out what their reputation is is through their reviews. If you don’t see any ratings or reviews on the company, this should also make you hesitant about choosing them over other companies who do offer online testimonials or ratings.
2. Consider your needs – take into account what you need cleaned and whether or not this can be done by a cleaning service provider, or would be better accomplished by a different service (for example mopping floors).

What Happens at The End Of An EOT Cleaning Session?

Regardless of the condition that you vacated your property, whether it be clean or not, it will require cleaning before the new tenant moves in. An end of tenancy cleaning Oxford session is essential to the successful completion of your tenancy. Remember, when you are doing an end of tenancy clean, you are leaving someone else’s property ready for them to move into. The team from Tulip Cleaning Services take pride and care when we perform our services by making sure that everything is sparkling and sparkling.

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