Why Wix is not good for business

As an internet designer It has been within the business for pretty much ten years

i am not a fan of Wix and that i don’t counsel it specifically for business homeowners therefore i am gonna tell you why and what you’ll be able to use instead if you are new

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Is Wix is good.?

we’re gonna dive into why you should not use Wix for your web site and before you permit a comment below spoken language well i take advantage of Wix and that i haven’t got any problems with it and that i assume it’s nice that’s fine you’ll be able to use it if you would like I’m telling you as knowledgeable internet designer why i do not advocate it

Why I not prefer.? ( Not Responsive)

why don’t i prefer Wix the primary reason is that it is not absolutely responsive therefore tons of people once they assume Buckeye State I even have a responsive web site they only assume it looks smart on mobile appearance|it’s} smart on desktop it’s responsive a very responsive web site shows all of your content after you size the browser as an example here is I simply eanes web site I simply seen as a well-liked youtuber within the tech area and he or she may be a Wix exponent or they influenced her no matter you would like to decision it and her web site isn’t absolutely responsive i do not understand you however I would in person like all of my web site content to really be visible

Export & Import Reason?

Another big and shivery reason that i do not like Wix is as a result of you can’t export your content therefore after you wish to maneuver to a new web site platform within the future you have to manually copy and paste your content over to the new platform therefore if you have three hundred web log posts that you simply got to move over have a good time repeating and pasting those over and that i need a similar note you can’t even amendment templates once you have discovered your web site while not completely beginning once more currently remember i’m specifically reprehension business homeowners during this video and one thing that I typically imply to business homeowners once i am reprehension them on Instagram or Facebook concerning why not to use Wix is that there square measure fortune five hundred firms and national brands WHO use Squarespace and WordPress Wix cannot say that concerning their platform and as business

I believe we should always be exploitation what the big guys square measure exploitation yet you do not own your Instagram followers or your Facebook fans your web site is your livelihood it’s one in every of the few things you actually own besides your email list so you would like a awfully secure place to create your web site therefore if you are not technical school savvy and that’s

why you visited Wix as a result of it appeared the best Squarespace is also terribly terribly simple and contains a terribly similar editor and there square measure WordPress themes that square measure drag-and-drop that you simply don’t have to understand a way to code or anything therefore if you actually wish to travel to WordPress there square measure easier to use themes than you may assume if you have got any questions about your web site or what platform you are exploitation let Pine Tree State grasp down in the comments if you would like additional WordPress or Squarespace data you can consider these videos and that i can see y’all next time..


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