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Top Java Frameworks

Hello everyone this is Ahsan Mehmood from and I welcome you all to this interesting session on Java frameworks. But before we begin let’s take a quick look at the agenda for today’s topic, first of all, I’ll be talking about what are Java frameworks and why is it used and then we’ll move ahead and discuss the top then-popular Java frameworks in use. Top Java Frameworks so I hope the agenda was clear to you and I also suggest you to subscribe to Getmewp to never miss out any updates on trending technologies. so let’s get started.

what are Java frameworks?

Java Framework

Java frameworks are the Frame of the pre-written programs to which we can add your own program in order to solve a problem. you make use of the frameworks by calling its methods inheritance supplying callbacks listeners or other implementations of the pattern a framework will often dictate the structure of an application. some frameworks even supply so much code that all you have to do is write a very little code for your application this can be good or bad depending on how easy is it to use frameworks are actually the substance of the program. you can either build it on a good one if you program a solid and fast and comes together beautifully or you can build it on a bad one if it is short and brutish ok jokes apart but Java frameworks play a vital role in software development .so now that you’ve understood what Java frameworks.

Different frameworks

Let’s take a look at the different frameworks in use, so I have a couple of popular Java frameworks on the list so there namely spring hibernate structs jwd that is google web toolkit then we have JavaServer faces that is JSF we have Grails we have Barden blade drop wizard and clay so let’s understand them in detail.

Spring framework

spring Framework

first, we’ll start with understanding the spring framework, spring framework is a powerful lightweight application development framework used for java enterprise the core features of the spring framework can be used in developing many applications it is described as a complete java framework. This framework can be used for all layer implementations of all-time application it can also be used for the development of a particular layer or for real-time application, unlike the other frameworks but with spring we can develop all the layers spring includes all the modules of spring MVC spring core spring security and spring ORM which are basically used in enterprise applications. let’s see where this spring framework is used. Spring Framework is mainly used for vet application development its features can be used to create any java application and it is also used in java enterprise. ok so these are the users of Spring Framework .now let’s take a look at the advantages of the spring it provides a lightweight container that can be triggered without using a web server or application server software spring supports JDBC that improves productivity and reduces. The error it also targets to make development easier to use spring also supports both XML and annotation-based configuration and also provides backward compatibility and testability of code. okay now, these are the notable advantages of spring.

Top companies which use this spring framework

Moving ahead let’s discuss the top companies which use this spring framework for application development, There namely Netflix uses a spring boot yatra uses a spring MVC Amazon and Evie okay so these are the notable companies that use Spring Framework I hope you guys are clear with the spring framework.



Now let’s move to our next framework that hibernates, hibernate ORM is a stable object-relational mapping framework for java, it makes better communication possible between the java programming language and the relational database management system. what does a DBMS, okay so let me brief you about this when you work with an object-oriented language like Java you’ll encounter a problem called object-relational impedance mismatch which is also called a paradigm, mismatch this is because the object-oriented languages and our DBMS handled the data differently which can lead to severe mismatch problems. so this hibernate provides you with the framework that overcomes the mismatch problems in Java. now let’s take a look at the uses it allows you to develop persistent classes following the object-oriented idiom it also allows you to communicate with any database using very tiny alterations in the code bridging the gap between the objects and the relational words also offers an advanced ORM framework that. lets you perform the database operation on the Java entities so this is about the uses of the hibernate framework.


now let’s take a look at the advantages of this framework it mainly offers portability productivity and maintainability it is a free and open-source framework so you don’t have to pay for this framework at all and it also removes a lot of repetitive code from the JDBC API.

Top companies which use hibernate

Ok now talking about the major companies that use hibernate framework for application development we have Oracle IBM Dell Accenture and much more ok so I hope you guys are clear with the hibernate framework.

struct framework

Now let’s move ahead and understand what is the struct framework about this is another enterprise-level framework maintained by the Apache Software Foundation that is asf is a fully-featured Java web application framework that allows the developers to create an easy to maintain java application. They are mainly two versions of this framework that is namely struct 1 and structs to but all the companies prefer using structs too because it is the upgraded version of Apache struts and what does this stops to structs to is the combination of the web framework of open Symphony and struts one .now let’s take a look at the uses of this framework the struts to framework is used to develop an MVC based web application it uses and extends the Java servlet API in order to help the developers to develop an MVC architecture, okay so this is about the uses of structs.

Advantage Of struct Framework

Now let’s take a look at the advantages this framework documentation is written for active web developers and assumes a working knowledge about how Java applications are built it also reduces the development time and makes the manageability of the application easier it offers centralized configuration rather than coding information into Java programs many structs values are represented in XML or property files you can also integrate structs with other Java frameworks in order to perform tasks that are not built on the platform, ok so this is about the advantages of structs.

major companies that use structs framework

now let’s take a look at the major companies that use structs framework for application development they are namely Infosys Accenture next-gen and many more ok so I hope you guys understood what our structs.

Google web toolkit

now let’s move ahead to our next framework that is Google web toolkit or GWT this google web toolkit is a completely free open-source framework that helps the developers to write client-side Java code and establish it as JavaScript. A lot of Google products are written using GWT as Adsense Google Wallet and blogger and many more using GWT developers can easily code complex browser applications rapidly it also allows to develop and debug Ajax applications in Java. Another most awesome thing to know about GWT is that you can write complex browser-based applications without being an expert in front end technologies like javascript optimization or responsive design okay so this is about GWT. now let’s take a look at the uses it is mainly developer friendly it is used in all the google api s– it helps in creating and maintaining complex JavaScript front-end applications.


Okay now let’s take a look at the advantages it supports reusability for common web development tasks Google API eyes can also be used in GWT applications it also offers cross browsing portability UI abstraction bookmarking internationalization and history management so this is about GWT now let’s move ahead and understand what our JavaServer faces that is JSF JavaServer faces was developed by Oracle for building user interfaces for Java based web applications it is also an official standard of the Java community process initiative and it is also a pretty stable framework JSF is a component based UI application it is based on the MVC software design pattern and has an architecture that totally defines a distinction between application logic and representation .ok now let’s take a look at the uses as I mentioned it offers comprehend based UI framework and helps and building native applications ok now let’s take a look at the advantages JSF is an integral part of Java Enterprise Edition it provides excellent tools and rich libraries it also allows existing back-end Java code to be extended with the web interface without having to change the base application by introducing a new framework okay so this is about the JavaServer faces.


Now let’s move ahead to our next framework but as grace I think most of you would have heard about Grails Dre’s is a dynamic face work coined by the groovy JVM programming language, it is an object-oriented language for the Java platform which intends to enhance the developer productivity its syntax is compatible with Java and it’s compiled to JVM bytecode grace also work with Java technologies like Java Enterprise Edition containers spring sight mesh quads and hibernate. now let’s take a look at the users it is a developer friendly framework as it comes with detail and easy to read documentation you can also build your own plugins and include the Grails IDE support for different platforms most of the ecommerce sites make use of this grace .


Now let’s take a look at the advantages it utilizes groovy as its coding standard and since groovy is similar to Java programmers out there think it is easier to begin with grace instead of Chama and it is also easy to use object mapping features it also promotes reusability of code between different Grails application by modularizing the application in the form of plugins it provides flexible profiles okay so this is about the trail’s framework now let’s move ahead and understand what is Virdon Virdon is a web application framework which focuses on UX accessibility it provides you with a platform for streamlined Java development Vardhan also allows you to build web applications of customizable components a recent version of Vardhan that is Vardhan 10 approaches web application development.


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