Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs For 2021

Top 5 high paying job

You have hustled hard throughout all those years of your formal education, and now you wish employment that justifies those years of burning the midnight oil hence we waken you our list of the highest 5 highest paying jobs for the year 2021. Also kindly take up this point to take us and do not forget to hit that bell icon to never miss an update from the also consider that the rankings of this list has been decided not just on the typical salary but also on the salary range and therefore the number of job openings for every and each job so keeping that in mind. Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs

1)Full-stack Developer

Full stack developer
Full stack developer

The total stack developer now full-stack development might overwhelm anyone finally you have got to be told far more than a mean front-end or back-end developer also you’ve got to stay learning throughout your career life cycle to stay up with the growing trends in technologies. now to become a full-stack developer you would like to own certain skills starting with the fundamentals of web development API, development, and database technologies except for these you furthermore may have hands-on experience in technology like react js node.js angular and MongoDB luckily for you Edureka’s full-stack development program has all of those technologies covered in ample depth. Now having the most knowledge comes with its set of advantages for starters top-tech companies like Wipro IBM Infosys tech Mahindra tata and cognizant are all hiring full-stack developers with a median salary of 112 000 dollars within the u.s and nearly 9 lakhs in India.Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs

2)DevOps engineer

DevOps engineer introduces the team to different tools technologies, methodologies, and practices throughout the software development life cycle. I’m talking about coding deploying maintaining and updating the app in a corporation, now to become a DevOps engineer you wish to own a certain skill set definitely proficiency in coding and scripting is altogether one amongst one in every one of them other than these you wish to grasp tools like docker Jenkins git Kubernetes and puppet a key skill to possess is additionally having the knowledge of oss like UNIX and Linux all of this for a mean salary of 114 000 us dollars or 21 lakhs counting on your geography and expertise now top-Tech companies like sap McAfee and oracle are hiring DevOps engineers but to realize all of this you wish to own an awfully structured learning approach towards DevOps Edureka’s DevOps training programs will offer you that approach so you’ll be able to become an authorized DevOps practitioner it’ll also provide with you hands-on experience in all the tools and technologies which can take you towards your goal into landing these dream companies.Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs

3)The information scientist

The information scientist now data scientists allow companies to create smarter business decisions each day it’s no surprise companies depend upon data scientists and their expertise to work out trends and patterns within the market and convey crucial business, insights to their client which is why data scientists perform a pivotal role in any company. Now to become an information scientist you wish to own a specific skill set initiating with a robust grasp on statistical analysis yet as command over programming languages like python and SQL other than that you just also have to know database technologies and let’s not forget a robust business acumen and data insight all of this will be provided to you the varied data science programs offered by Edureka now as a knowledge scientist you get a median salary of 133 000 us dollars within us and nearly 18.2 rupees in India by companies like Miu sigma visa NetFlix and google.

4)Market analyst

The market analyst the buyer marketplace is ever growing and evolving as businesses attempt to maintain and have interaction their customers they fight to seem into the marketing research to make informed business decisions. now this can be where these analysts are available in simply put a market analyst basically tells these businesses what products do people want within the market and the way much are they willing to purchase them. now in an exceedingly broader scope of this career these people examine market conditions for a particular potential product or service and for this they have a very specific skill set including computer programme optimization pay-per-click marketing content marketing email and mobile marketing conversion optimization and web analytics. companies like etsy ebay walmart and amazon are able to pay a mean salary of 136 000 us dollars or 13.1 in india now if you’re digging into this and researching this particular job role for your career likelihood is you have already got a particular skill set for the task.

5)Program manager

A program manager could be a strategic project management professional whose job it’s to oversee and coordinate all the technical aspects of a project. now in essence they basically initiate a project track its progress and help in troubleshooting just in case issues arise they typically coordinate the efforts of the event team stakeholders and external vendors when it involves a particular project of a company while also scheduling tasks and timings and ensuring that deadlines are met now while no company during this day and age can function without an i.t program manager there are some who are hiring heavily for this position this includes google standard chartered Boeing and Accenture for really high average salaries of about 136 000 dollars within the u.s and nearly 16 lakhs in India.


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