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Top 10 Best Python libraries

Hi, I Am Ahsan Mehmood welcome to the Getmewp in this Article I’m going to talk about the top 10 python packages that one should know python is undoubtedly the best programming language in the world based on the number of users or based on the number of areas. python is being used so it is considered one of the primary languages for every developer and every organization. Top 10 Best Python libraries.

Python is popular because one of the reasons is it is open-source and another thing is it has an extensive package library where everyone can contribute for python packages and everyone can create their own. so in this post, I’m going to talk about the top 10 python packages that one should know let’s get started.


Tensorflow is undoubtedly the top package of python that is used in machine learning and deep learning, so if you are building a neural network if you are working on building a huge machine learning application then ultimately TensorFlow is the best option to go for so TensorFlow has a large range of options to choose from when building a machine learning model. it is used to handle a neural network intensively without any data problems. it is still considered as one of the best packages in 2021.


Numpy stands for numerical Python, so if you are someone who is starting your career in data analytics then you might have heard this term called NumPy .so NumPy makes your mathematic in python very easily so if you are performing something on data analytics or machine learning side then you need to perform then you need to understand mathematics in a very extensive way. you need linear algebra you need statistics you need everything but what NumPy does is embeds every mathematical function as a python function so that you can just use some python functions to perform. All those mathematical operations very easily so NumPy is one of the best python packages to go for when you are someone who is looking to start your career in data analytics.


pandas are one of the popular python packages that are used for handling and managing data so if you are working in a data in data side and you are working on CSV files or excel files then you need pandas mandatory because pandas is a mandatory python package to handle any kind of data so you can claim the data and you can organize the data in a CSV file so you can import the columns from the CSV file. you can organize that and you can make some analytics out of the data set that you have. pandas is a very handy package that one can use to get insights and analytics about the data sets that you have.

py torch

Py torch is an alternative to TensorFlow that one can use for so PyTorch is being developed by Facebook .it is primarily used by facebook too so it also performs the same operations that TensorFlow does so it is primarily helpful in dealing with neural networks and all those stuff. if you’re someone who is very much fancy about building a machine learning model uh with advanced URL nets then and you are not completely comfortable with TensorFlow then you can go with uh this by touch thing.


Opencv is a very fancy python package that most of the developers allow so it is a computer vision package that can be used in all image processing tasks so whether it is I mean the self-driving car or whether it is an object detection model or whether it is a phase detection model biometric everything so everything that involves with computer vision application can be well treated with OpenCV so yeah you can use OpenCV to build all those models. you can build a face detection model from scratch using OpenCV you can build an object detection classifier you can use this I mean OpenCV library at any advanced level to build all those image processing applications.

Beautiful soup

Beautiful soup often called bs4 is one of the best web scraping libraries that one can use for so you can scrape data from any website using this fancy library called beautiful soup. it is still one of the most popular libraries I mean on the side of web scraping and developers love this because it is easy to get data from any kind of website using this bs4. it can also be used as a cloud it can also be used as a crawler for most people.Best Python libraries


if you are someone who is fancy about building GUI-based applications in python then Tkinter is the best choice to choose because Tkinter allows you to build python applications in the form of GUI interfaces. so you can use Tkinter to build any kind of application and you don’t need a web server for that because you are just building a GUI-based app and yes it is allowed by many people.Best Python libraries


Pillow is somewhat similar to OpenCV but yes it is used in various image processing applications so wherever there is a requirement with image data then you can use pillow um to I mean to manipulate the sizes of the images and to handle the image dataset and yeah other image-related tasks you can use a pillow.Best Python libraries


mataplotlib is a famous data visualization package that one can use to get insights from the data so you can use matplotlib with combination to pandas or numpy so you can get um I mean high-level insights from that so you can create pie charts you can create the graph you can I mean you can create graph charts you can create a different kind of charts using matplotlib very easily.


Textblob is one of the popular NLP libraries. if you don’t know what NLP is, NLP stands for natural language processing where you deal with natural language so text blog is one of the popular picks um and it is a great python package you can do any kind of NLP task by using this you can perform tasks like stemming limitation and you can use text blob in extracting sentiment analysis out of data so yeah this is one of the finest python packages to go for when you’re working on natural language processing.

These are all the top 10 python packages that every developer should have in their mind when going for building advanced python applications

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