Some Essential Tips To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Used Clothes And Shoes

The number of shoes or clothes they own is never enough for a true fashionista. After all, there is always a fancy dress, a definite length of the heel that your wardrobe may be lacking. So unless you can afford to splurge on fashion, you must know where to buy secondhand items in bulk. Wholesale used clothing and shoes sell items in bulk, giving you the ultimate deal in terms of choice and variety. Moreover, a shoe that has been worn once costs as little as one-tenth of the original price. 

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Some Tips To Strike A Great Deal In The Secondhand Market 

If you have been wanting to add a fancy shoe/dress to your collection for a while, then hitting a secondhand market is a good idea. However, getting the best deal in bulk quantities of secondhand items is not easy, and here are some tips that will land you a great deal.

Visit A Thrift Store 

A thrift store is a place that sells secondhand items(clothes, shoes, or household goods). Charitable organizations usually organize thrift stores; hence the sell items are available at extremely low costs. 


However, getting an idea about a thrift store and when to visit them is not easy. Most thrift stores do not have a permanent location. They may be seasonal or organized to raise funds for a specific event. So if you want to stay updated about a temporary thrift store, follow local newspapers or tabloids. 

Another remarkable thing about thrift stores is that they have a lot of variety in terms of the item’s value. In a thrift store, you may get things ranging from a regular sneaker or designer footwear donated by some celebrity. Thus, if you wish to land a great deal, spend some time on exploring all the items that are available in the store.

Also, when you visit a thrift store, you must inspect each item carefully. Individually inspecting all the items, especially buying in bulk, can be difficult. But since thrift stores source items from charities and donation drives, you must inspect them even if you buy in bulk.

Knowing the measurements before buying shoes/clothes from a thrift store is essential. Buying items in bulk that is sold based on the net weight and checking the sizes of individual items too, may be difficult. But getting extra large or small items is not worth it if you wish to redesign or resell shoes/clothes. So even if you are buying at a thrift store, try to keep a check on the size.

Visit A Secondhand Wholesale Supplier

Sourcing shoes/clothes from a thrift store is not feasible if you want to set up retail used clothes/shoe stores. Hence if you need a steady supply of secondhand items in bulk, you must crack a deal with a full-time wholesaler. 

Most wholesalers will care for the quality of goods they sell, and if you wish to export, there would be no hassles. 

However, consider their after-sales service when finalizing a deal with a wholesaler. If you are sourcing old shoes/clothes from a wholesaler, you may have to turn back to the wholesaler for issues with the quality. So deal only with those wholesalers who offer great after-sales services. If you have to jump through several hoops before contacting the wholesaler, then it is not a great deal.



And finally, when dealing with a wholesaler, know their price ranges. Not all wholesalers sell at the same price. And if you wish to make a profit by reselling the items that you procure from a wholesaler, price is an important consideration. Thus it would be best if you spend some time finding a wholesaler who delivers good quality old shoes/clothes at a reasonable price.

Visit An Online Wholesaler 

Today you can find several used shoe/clothes sellers online. It is convenient to crack a deal online, and you are spoilt for choices. But cracking a good deal online is tougher than it seems. 

Buying online offers many options, but ensuring good quality products is challenging. Thus when you buy online, you must read all the reviews and comments by past buyers to gauge the seller’s reputation.

Moreover, when it comes to shoes, there is no standard shoe size. The shoe size varies based on the country of origin, the brand, etc. So if the entire deal is done online, ensuring that you get the right sizes of shoes can be a problem.


Buying shoes or clothes in bulk quantities, and that too at wholesale rates is a great idea if affordability is your prime concern. But when buying at wholesale rates, you have to be careful about the quality of the items. The shoe/dress sizes and the after-sale services offered by the wholesaler are also vital. Hence thorough research about the seller and the items that he sells will come in handy if you want to buy good shoes/clothes, and that too at nominal rates.

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