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Hello And Welcome Today We talk about the scope of the java programming language, In the Present and Future, This was the question that asks to me on every session which I conduct online on different organizations. In This Article, I am not only the scope of java programming language I also tell you the five most important reasons why should you lean java language for the development Scope of Java Programming.

what is the scope of java programming

If we talk about the scope of java programming All The big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook use java for their Development purpose. I think that is enough to tell you the scope of java. But In This Article, I will tell the Five Most important reason why we learn java, when you understand these five reason then you also understand why Java is so popular and you will see the value of investing your costly time in java learning, These are the only reason I am just telling you some important according to me.

java scope

Java is open source

The first most reason is java is an open-source programming language. what is open source? open source means people can modify the code according to their own needs .java design is publicly java, there is a lot of build libraries that are totally free in the market. These libraries are free for all anyone can use this and modify them according to their need, Microsoft programming language like visual basic, visual C where Microsoft has lice to develop any application on the basis of that programming language, java is an open-source programming language, In Java people work as a community to build a project ,Scope of Java Programming

java has rich feature set

java has a rich feature set java is an object-oriented programming language it is simple to understand and very important feature of java it is the most secure, java is platform independent another feature of java it is robust, another thing is java is portable, java is architecture-neutral, another feature is java is dynamic programming language .it is an interpreted language, the next feature is java is high performance its require very less memory to run it is multithreading application development platform and another reason is java can bi use distributed building application, these are the broad feature of java this is second important reason .there are so many important features I only discussed few important here. Scope of Java Programming

java has a lot of frameworks

java has very rich libraries of has many developing frameworks like spring framework, google web server faces .we can use solanum for optimization. There Are 100 frameworks that are developed on top of java.


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