Learning Java in 2022

There’s no such thing as the perfect language to learn but I think Java is a great choice even if it’s your first programming language. in this article, I’m gonna tell you four reasons you should learn Java. Java is used in lots of different places it’s written once run anywhere philosophy allows it to be used in many ways and on a wide variety of different devices companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and eBay. Java for at least part of their website and applications if you want to develop applications for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Java works there too the job is a big player in the Internet of Things and connected device market. we’re behind the scenes Java is controlling things such as ATM, industrial robots, medical devices from prosthetic limbs to blood glucose, monitors, and with the rapid growth of connected home devices from light bulbs to garage door openers. Learning Java.

you’ll find that Java-powered logo, there are even entire lines of home appliances that are connected to the Internet and leverage the Java programming language. definitely not the Java from the last century because Java is a mature language there’s an abundance of tools that can be used and the tools that are used to build Java applications are incredible, these tools called integrated development environments or IDE s have made the Java development experience much easier. they provide information about errors code refactoring and reformatting .you can still use a plain text editor with Java if you want but the Java tools available today in terms of IDEs and built-in API features can make a developer’s life much easier.

let’s look at a popular IDE IntelliJ and see how it makes it easy to get started with the traditional hello world app here with creating a new project accept the defaults here we’ll call it hello world. Java is an object-oriented language and objects in Java are called classes. let’s create a new Java class called main and there we go public class main all set up for us automatically by the IDE. now we need to create a main method tab in here public static void main string args notice that just by typing the first few letters of these words IntelliJ offers to autocomplete suggestions so public static void main is such a common method that IntelliJ actually has a code completion shortcut as well. let’s delete this and if we simply type PS VM and hit tab IntelliJ completes it for us Thank You IntelliJ to print out some text to the screen we can use another shortcut s o UT tab will generate our standard output code and we can update the string for it to output hello world, sou T tab hello world great, and if we hit run there we have it hello world.

notice that if we have a mistake in our code for example let’s delete this semicolon IntelliJ is going to show us that we have an error with this red squiggly line not only at the end of the line where the air is but in the name of the file as well and if we hover over our error we get a message that a semicolon is expected Thank You.

Java tools similar to choosing the right language for the job using these features make our lives easier we could build an entire house using Hand Crank drills and hand saws but we become much more productive with modern tools such as power drills and circular saws there are estimates that there are as many as 10 million Java developers around the world Java runs on a wide variety of devices from sports cars to medical devices and that means a wide variety of industries employ Java developers .that leads to a broad and diverse community with many different ways to get involved there are conferences and meetups for Java users across the globe in Java one in San Francisco to decompress in Australia and even local users groups. so you’re bound to find a community to tie into the community is huge when learning a new language the Java community is available to answer your questions again since it’s a mature language there are many resources available and many questions have been asked already with great answers provided. whether you’re using Java to build your website or using it to power an Internet of Things project there’s a community for you.

Ease Of learning

My last reason you should learn Java I know learning anything new isn’t typically easy and learning a verbose language like Java is daunting but with the availability of great educational tools such as treehouse, the discomfort becomes much more manageable treehouse provides a great place to start that journey with our learn java.


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