How to Secure WordPress Website

what’s up guys welcome back to a different Article my name is Ahsan Mehmood from Getmewp website and during this post I’m gonna show you ways to guard your website from hackers and this will be exhausted but one minute. I’ll also show you the way to scan your website for malware anytime you would like furthermore as a way to add a padlock to your site’s URL .so as to indicate people who your website is safe and secure.How to Secure WordPress Website

why do hackers hack websites?

but first, let’s answer the question why do hackers hack websites well the majority think it’s ideal to get MasterCard information and yes are often a giant one but maybe that you simply haven’t got Mastercard information on your site well what other reasons might people hack you you’ll be able to be hacked for contact info which will later be sold to unethical marketers you’ll be hacked for user names and passwords to achieve control over the server that you simply website is hosted on Malvern sizing is another excuse .this is often sending spam to your website visitors and/or subscribers SEO spam using your site’s authority to market fake information on google or for the other classified information that you might need on your website.

How to Secure Your Website

okay so let’s confirm none of that happens so let me show you ways to secure your website. so very first thing that you are going to need to try and do is log in to your WordPress dashboard and so we’re visiting be activating a plug-in called I themes security,I themes security is one among the best rated security plugins out there and it’s totally easy to use. so so as to urge it just gone over to plugins so re-examine to feature new then just re-evaluate to the search bar and kind in I things security and so you’ll see the plugin right here and it’s got almost 1,000,000 active installations so you recognize that it’s super legit so we’re visiting act and click on Install Now so just click on activate.

step 1

okay so now we’re brought back to any or all of our installed plugins. so now if you look on the paw menu and you scroll down you will see a brand new menu item called security just act and click on on it and so it’s visiting automatically take you into these security check and this can be basically visiting just configure all of your settings and it’s visiting enable all of those features here.


so now we will just click on secure site and rather like that it enabled all of those awesome security measures apart from the network brute force protection and basically what this implies is that the other site that’s running ithemes security and is connected to the current network if that website gets hacked by a hacker or a bot or the other kind of malware it’ll notify all the opposite sites on the network so they’ll be shielded from that site. so it’s optional but I highly recommend using it .


so I’m visiting plow ahead and put in my email address and so it’ll ask if you wish to receive email updates I’m gonna plow ahead and leave that as no then click on activate Network brute force protection. cool and similar to that each one of our settings are configured so just act and click on on close okay and here we are inside the I theme settings and honestly you’ll be able to leave of these precisely the way that they’re I themes has already set this up to shield your site as best as possible.

last step

now one thing that we are visiting enable though is that the SSL certificate which goes to be our little lock symbol over here so as you’ll see straight away my site says not secure and that i want it to own that small secure symbol so I’m gonna act and click on on enable and you’ll only try this if after you signed up for your website it came with an SSL certificate included otherwise you purchase one separately .


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