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Do you bloger? Well, if you do, I bet you employ WordPress, why, because it is the best blogging platform out there, plus it’s free. Who would want to acquire blogging? Hey, everyone. Ahsan Mehmood and today, I’m visiting teach you ways to optimize your WordPress blog. Now, there’s one really simple thanks to try this. It’s called the Yoast SEO plugin. I could tell you, Go.

Go make of these on page changes and do that or that, but you recognize what, these days, SEO is de facto simple especially if you have got a WordPress blog. Install the Yoast SEO plugin. All you have got to try to do is attend the plugins section within your WordPress. hunt for Yoast SEO plugin, install it then, you’re off to the races.


there are a few belongings you must do once you put in the plugin. the primary thing that you simply must do is create an XML sitemap. That’s within the Yoast plugin. It automatically generates it for you. Once you create a sitemap, head to Google Webmaster Tools then within Webmaster Tools, it’s actually called search console now. I still call it Webmaster Tools because back in the day, that’s what they accustomed to call it. Once you add your site, come in there and add a sitemap. It’s really simple. You add within the URL that Yoast gives you. Once you add it, it takes Google, as an instance each day or two to index all of your pages. They’ll either determine if they need to index them or if they do not want to index them and that is okay.

important SEO TIPS

The more pages you feed them, the more pages that you will get indexed. additionally to it, within the Yoast plugin, it just about does most of it for you. Just ensure you employ a very appealing title tag and a meta description. The title tag doesn’t should be the identical as your blog post title.

Follow The Blew step

Tips 1

With the Yoast plugin, you’ll be able to actually pick a particular title tag for that post. It doesn’t need to be the identical title tag because the blog post name. that is what happens with default WordPress. If you write a blog post, whatever you call it tend to be the title tag but now with Yoast, you’ll be able to pick a brand new one. after you do a Google search, you see a blue link at the highest then a sentence or two underneath. The blue link at the highest is named a title tag. The sentences or two underneath is named a meta description.

Tips 2

That title tag up top, you’ll create a selected one only for people Googling. you wish to place within the keywords that you just think people are Googling for and in fact, make it appealing additionally. you’ll use keywords like now, try, free or perhaps include the date. By doing things like that, it causes more click-throughs. When you’re including the date, you’d want to place the date that’s written in. you’d want to place a date like updated in 2017 or updated in 2020, regardless of the year is also.

Tips 3

By doing that, you will get more clicks. As for the meta description, you, of course, want to incorporate the keywords that you’re targeting, moreover as make it appealing sentence in order that way, people will want to click on your listing. It’s that easy. I can go and break down a lot of other ways in which you’ll optimize your blog using the Yoast plugin but those are the most two ways. the sole thing that you simply have to do on your end is when you’re writing blog posts, confirm you cross link. If you have got a post on SEO and you’ve got another one on content marketing which content marketing one talks about text and setting up keywords, you’ll be able to cross link them together. By interlinking them within the text within each blog post, you’ll notice that your blog posts will get crawled better and they’ll rank higher.

Tips 4

you furthermore mght want to create sure you utilize the proper words and phrases as you’re writing the content. If you’re trying to rank for the keyword SEO, Google the word SEO. examine the highest site that ranks for SEO. Put it within the tool by SEObook. It’s called the SEObook keyword density analyzer. you place within the URL and I’ll show you all the words and phrases people are using that already ranked at top. once you get those words and phrases, you will see them by percentage. you’ll then integrate a number of those keywords within your blog post and you may notice over time, your rankings will increase. That’s it. Do those tactics and you will rank higher in Google.


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