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How to become an expert in python programming

Hello Welcome to my blog, This is a technology-based blog. Here Can learn How to earn from the Internet with your skill .my main aim to increase your skill, Through this website you can turn your skill on top by turning on the internet. Today’s article is about how you can improve your skill in python. I will share the road map how you can improve your python skill become an expert in python programming, Here is a list of all the topic which we cover in this article.

Python Expert
  • Python code skill
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Debugging skill
  • How to use python libraries
  • coding best practices
  • open source contribution

Python code skill

Python coding skill which can be divided into three main part

  1. Basic
  2. intermediate
  3. Advanced

The Basic thing you must know about string, variable, loop. condition, and you must know about datatype. After that, you should learn some advanced datatype such as dictionaries and tuple, How to become an expert in python programming.

Basic skill:

In Basic skills you must learn about 1) Variable, number, list, string 2)Dictionary Tuple 3) if for control block 4) function 5) Read Write file 6) Modules.

Python Intermediate skill:

In python Intermediate skill You lean these thing which i mentioned below ….

  • Exception Handling
  • classes Object
  • Inheritance
  • iterator
  • Generators
  • list ,set

Python Advanced Skill

Then Come The advanced skill of python, In advanced skill, You need to learn some advanced modules .before go the advanced section you must have a grip on the Basic step and intermediate step. When your program is very big You don,t want to break this code into many pieces then you should use a unit writing test. You should use a framework for unit test writing. You’re making sure that you are not breaking other people’s functionality. Here is a sample in which I write how you can handle big data and write their unit test. How to become an expert in python programming.

become expert in python

def cals_squre(number):
fornumber in number:
return result

def cals_cuhe(number):
for number in number:
result.append (numbernumbernumber)
return result

1) MultiThreading
2) Multiprocessing
3) Multiprocessing lock and pool
4) unit test:py test
5) decorator
6) Context manager

Data structures and algorithms

The Next step is data structure and algorithms, for example here I have a list of customers and I want to retrieve a unique country name from this data set. I can do that simple python list But if you use to set it’s much better than set because the set gives a unique and efficient result. You can see that having a good understanding of data structure where allows you to write a complex program. Data structures and algorithms are very important in python life.

Debugging skill

Once You have good debugging skills, If Program not behaving as your exception You can easily figure it out. There are many people who not show conditional breaking points. Conditional breaking point allows to you break your code when a certain condition is met.

How to use python libraries

The reason python is so popular there are so many python libraries available which allow to you do thing easily.For example NumPy.Numpy is numerical computation libraries that allow you do multidimensional array manipulate very easily If you don’t know about NumPy libraries must visit this Link.

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