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History Of Python Programming Language|Getmewp

Hey and Wellcome and this week’s episode we’ll talk about the most popular and commonly used programming language Python. so let’s begin and learn about the development of fighting and gain insight into the current IT trends. Python is very famous for its simple programming syntax core readability and English-like commands that make coding a lot easier and efficient. Due to this, it is the most popular and preferred language Python is interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language developed by Guido van Rossum at National Research Institute for mathematics and computer science. History Of Python Programming,

The Netherlands in contrast to popular belief that Python was named after the sleek Peyton was actually named after the show Monty Python’s Flying Circus guido van rossum formulated .faisal in the late 1980s as a successor to the ABC language.

Python 2.0

Python version

In 1994 python version 1.0 was released with features like exception handling, lambda map filter, and reduce Python 2.0 release in 2000 introduced features like list comprehensions and a garbage collection system capable of collecting reference cycles.History Of Python Programming.

Python 3.0

Python 3.0 was released on the 3rd of December 2008 undoubtedly both in 2.0 and 3.0 have proven to be the most used versions as today Python three point seven point four is the latest stable version released in the summer of 2019.

Feild Where Pyhton used

Python is popularly used for development scripting and software testing top IT companies like Google Facebook Instagram Spotify and Netflix among others you spiteful. Some major applications of Python can be seen in the fields of machine learning artificial intelligence data science and IOT button ,also offer many libraries like numpy side by Cara’s tensorflow Django and flower Bathgate is the official style guide that defines the styling conventions – code a few popular open-source Python projects include red env chata sticks solving the Traveling Salesman problem using self-organizing maps and packed into BPF converter some of the trending fights and repositories on github.History Of Python Programming.

Today include ni p and melt from scratch by touch transformers 100 days of ML code among other popular websites on the internet like Reddit and kora a page using Python. civilization for battlefield 2 Sims 4 and World of Tanks are some popular games developed using Python according to indeed.

salary of python Developer

The average salary of a Python developer in Pakistan is about 5 lakhs per month and that in the u.s. is around 124 thousand US dollars users and admirers of Python especially those considered knowledgeable are referred to as spiciness party nice tasks and patch minions since its inception.


Python has come a long way to become the most popular coding language and continues to revolutionize by the industry.

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