Best Free Characters In Genshin Impact – Which FREE Character Should You Pick?

In this article i am going to show you best free characters in genshin impact.


Ningguang Character

Look, it’s pretty clear Ningguang is going to get a bit of a special treatment here because she’s one of the few characters who is getting her own alternative costume completely for free, so it’s going to be hard not to talk about her new skin’s power level.

But in all seriousness, Ningguang is an absolute power house as long as you understand that she does need Geo resonance and a lot of investment to see her dish out big numbers since there’s no Vaporize or Melt to help you with boosting the damage.

But the thing is, when it comes to her constellations, the second one is arguably the most important upgrade for her because, well, Geo constructs can sometimes be annoying to deal with when they randomly get destroyed from wrong placement, so getting a second chance to re-deploy is great and at the same time, this also means you get double the amount of elemental particles not to mention the fact, it’s easier to maintain her passive which requires you to walk through the shield to get the Geo bonus

Also, at C2 she becomes a really good battery or the other Geo team mates like Noelle or Zhongli, so its easier to use her as a sub damage dealer who just unloads her whole kit for massive damage while at the same time, she then acts as an energy supplier for other Geo characters.

Now there aren’t really any popular meta teams used with her in the Abyss but with high levels of investment and even unlocking something like her third or last constellations really lets you push for more damage and ends up as a suitable team mate you can use to get all the stars on the current cycle. So, if you’re thinking of beefing up your Geo pool of characters, getting her or her important constellations can be a good choice.

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Chongyun Character

The biggest thing about him is the cryo infusion he provides for any active character from his elemental skill with a really nice 10% resistance shred to Cryo from the passive and he is actually one of the most effective characters you can bring to the Abyss when dealing with Hydro and Electro heralds.

In fact, the latest Abyss cycle has a couple of Hydro Heralds waiting for you at the second half of the chamber and they are really annoying to deal with without proper Cryo application, so with Chongyun, he’s a godsend if you want to take out the Heralds armor quickly.

Now when looking at his constellations, by far his best one is C2 because there’s no one else in the game besides final constellation Raiden who can reduce your team’s cooldowns, although it’s not always something that you’ll need and if that’s the case, he gets good power bumps at his third and final constellations. Oh and keep in mind he’s actually one of few claymore users who work best with Sacrificial Greatsword since not only he gets to generate more particles for himself and the team but it can reset the field and activate the Cryo resistance shred as well as maintain the cryo infusion for longer periods of time when you’re relying on it.

And let’s not forget that his burst actually deals a ton of damage when it’s Melted. Basically, Chongyun is someone who has a unique method of providing cryo infusion, can decrease the team’s cooldowns at C2 and is amazing
when dealing with Herald shields. And of course, even if people forgot about it, he can still be used in one of the strongest National team comps instead of Raiden or Sucrose.

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Yanfei Character

I think that the best way to describe Yanfei would be that she’s a beginner friendly character that also becomes relevant in the late-game.

See, the thing about her is that because she’s
from the Pyro element, she can Melt, Vaporize and even Overload any of her attacks, which is pretty awesome for anyone who wants to build various types of teams but that also comes with some drawbacks because she does want to use charged attacks and those can
leave you exposed with an empty stamina bar.

Which is why when we talk about her constellations, if you want to use her as your main damage dealer with charged attacks, getting that C1 is almost crucial to have and will make your life easier, especially if you go into timed challenges.

But, one thing that not a lot of people talk about is her 4th constellation, which will grant a massive pyro shield after Yanfei uses her burst and it will stay around for 15 seconds on any character you swap to.

Now this is actually a legit way you can start using Yanfei as a shield character for Hu Tao’s teams because with an Anemo team mate,
Yanfei can provide the pyro application for the viridescent venerer activation and give
Hu Tao a chunky shield so she can spam her charged attacks.

So, to put it simply – Yanfei is definitely someone that benefits a lot from constellations, especially if you have Hu Tao and want to bring an alternative shielder into your team but at the same time, you can also use Yanfei
as good pyro damage dealer.

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Xingqiu Character

What more could be said about Xingqiu that hasn’t been repeated over and over again by basically any other content creator? This guy is an absolute pillar in so many
team builds that it’s not even funny but it’s not just his utility that enables teams like Hu Tao’s WALNUT or National or even Freeze comps – it’s the damage output
he’s able to provide on top of some decent healing and defense.

And sure, some may argue that his full potential lies behind a fully refined Sacrificial Sword but you can just build more Energy Recharge on him instead of more damage and eventually once you get more constellations on him, things become way more easier with his energy hungry playstyle.

In fact, since Emblem of Severed Fate domain is considered to be the best place to spend your resin efficiently for widely applicable artifacts you can get from there, it’s even easier to hit that Energy Recharge he needs.

But going back to his constellations, every single one of them is actually a great upgrade, especially if you’re using him in the Abyss but I would say that a major breaking point has to be the second constellation which might not seem like a big deal when his burst gets extended by 3s and enemy’s Hydro RES is reduced by 15%, however this gives a major spike in performance because it just makes
the burst stronger in basically any team rotation.

And if you do have the chance to get him from this event as a final constellation, then it’s going to be pretty huge for any team mate who relies on Vaporizing from his Hydro application since it will now be easier to cause reactions with characters like Hu Tao, Yanfei, Klee and few more and he will generate more energy.

Honestly, if all you care about is having a core team member fully decked out, then getting any of his constellations is a good decision.

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Xiangling Character

There’s a running gag in the community that almost each new update is a Xiangling update.

And that’s because two major recent additions to the game have really helped people build her more easily and it’s The Catch you can obtain from fishing and the Emblem of Severed Fate 4-set which are both extremely rewarding for her playstyle.

Still, if you’ve seen any of my videos about this chef, her performance does heavily depend on how well you manage her Energy Recharge because of her expensive burst cost, since you want to use Pyronado off-cooldown for that insane damage potential it can offer, so as long as you can solve this problem, she’ll shine in popular meta teams like National, Reverse Melt and International comps.

Now when you look at her constellations, the biggest upgrade for her is going to be the 4th constellation which extends the burst’s duration by 40% which is basically 4 extra seconds that will allow her to deliver more burst damage but at the same time, it’s also easier to manage her rotation visually when only 6 seconds are left to restart the burst.

However, she does have an underwhelming upgrade that’s below the forth one and it’s the second constellation which is more or less useless and may become relevant in the future with new characters but for now, it’s just something you need to bypass in order to get good stuff.

And obviously, the rest of the constellations, especially the 1st, third and last one give a nice chunky upgrade for her own Pyro damage and becomes even more relevant if you use her in Mono Pyro or with other heavy Pyro
damage dealers.

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Xinyan Character

It’s sad to say this but Xinyan is definitely the underdog of Genshin even if she did recently have an appearance in one of the major update events.

It’s not that she’s bad since every character is useful in the game but it more has to do with how you can actually use her because she’s a physical damage dealer that can also act as a support while the pyro damage is more or less there to serve as a utility than anything else.

But recently, with Yun Jin’s release she did gain a bit of attention since when you look at her entire kit, she can boost physical dmg by 15% when her shield is active and then her 4th constellation also reduces physical resistance by 15% when the enemy gets hit by the shield, essentially turning her into a really decent support for any teams that focus on physical damage, as long as you understand that she can mess with Superconducts so you need to swap to her after first triggering
that reaction.

But what’s cool about using her as a support is that since all of her damage comes from burst, at 2nd constellation you can just build critical damage without considering critical rate and then end up with these beautiful fireworks she’s able to put out, which is definitely a thing you can do with a physical
damage team.

And as for her final constellation, it’s kind of like the same situation as with Noelle – this is where she can start dealing some serious damage by herself but it requires

so much investment to make it work for the Abyss, that it’s better to just use her as a support.

But for world exploration? Well, you don’t need that constellation
as you can already take care of anyone even at c0.


Beidou character

just take a look at Beidou who doesn’t care about her element and just provides pure, raw damage without any questions asked.

And that’s basically her best selling point – her burst is so good, that it doesn’t matter if you’re causing any kind of reactions because as long as there’s at least two targets available for the lightining to jump
around, you’ll see numbers like these all the time.

Now what you’re looking at here is Beidou with all constellations unlocked but let’s be honest here – the biggest jump in power she gets is at the second constellation and it’s arguably the most important one you need if you want to completely take advantage of her burst since the jumping between targets can return back to the initial monster, which means the damage grows insanely high with
this constellation.

So, if you have a C1 Beidou, this is hands down the best upgrade you can get for her to start abusing the burst damage.

And obviously, if you have a good reaction time, then her elemental skill also offers a significant chunk of damage not to mention the fact she gets good amount of elemental particles with a perfect counter.

Most importantly, Beidou is almost essential for Tazer team comps which have been around for a long time now and this popular meta team comp still performs well even in the latest Abyss thanks to Beidou’s burst and shield, but keep in mind to have this type of performance you need to put in the resources to see the results, so she will require a certain level of investment.

Yun Jin

Yun Jin character

Imagine releasing a new character and then making them available for free almost immediately.

Well, that’s the choice miHoYo went with and Yun Jin is the new shiny unit you can get for free or gain more of her constellations if you choose to do so.

And as of making this video, it’s been a couple of weeks since she got released, which means she’s not fully figured out when compared to someone like Xingqiu or Xiangling but as of now, she does work really well with Yoimiya as a damage booster and she’s becoming almost a staple for fast attacking physical damage dealers like Zhongli or Fischl.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can build her pretty much with just a Favonius Lance or Prototype Starglitter, then slap some DEF artifacts with a mix of energy recharge and she functions in nearly any team comp without any kind of problems.

And as someone who only has her first two constellations unlocked, all I can say is that right now, she feels pretty much complete at C0 and most of the performance increases she gets are almost evenly split between all of the constellations maybe besides the 5th one if you don’t plan on building her as
a sub damage dealer, so keep this in mind if you decide to go for an upgrade.

There’s a lot of interesting choices here and I am going to be honest with you.

If you truly, truly care about clearing the Abyss bi-weekly, then getting Xingqiu, Xiangling or Beidou is probably the easiest choice.

Just remember – you can clear with almost any team that have proper synergy and strong artifacts but of course, the reality is, the best choice is going to be the one that benefits your account the most – looking at what eams you’re building or trying to improve upon is the best way to make the decision but for the sake of keeping things simple, here’s the major constellation upgrades that I believe offer the best spike in power for the characters.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Yun Jin, I am still not comfortable enough recommending which constellation is her best one as it takes a lot more time to figure out these things.

Finally, if you made this far into the video, I will personally go for Yanfei’s constellation

to unlock her shield because, well, I am a content creator so hopefully I can see for myself just how good the shield is going to be for Hu Tao’s team comp but at the same time, I also feel like it’s an exciting upgrade for Yanfei to go from the usual damage dealer route to an actual shielder.

Thanks For Reading And See You Soon.

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