2 Reason To learn C sharp

Reason To learn C sharp

Hello, everybody, my name is Ahsan Mehmood and if you are wondering whether you should consider learning c-sharp in 2021 I’m here to give you my top five reasons but before we begin I just wanna give you a brief history of c-sharp. A language was first released in early 2000 from Microsoft as a rise in popularity of Java so like Java C sharp is a strongly typed object-oriented language. since its release, it’s maintained its popularity as one of the top languages in the industry. Reason To learn C sharp.

Build Any Kind Of App

Why you want to learn C sharp is that you can now build any kind of major application with the language depending on the type of framework you choose what I mean by that is that if you choose the dotnet framework you can build a battle-tested enterprise application, that’s used across many different industries if you choose xamarin you can build an android or iOS app and also you can build a Windows Linux and Mac desktop application as well you want to get into a game design you can use unity. now new to the team if you want to make a full-stack web application you can use Blaser which will let you write your web app with c-sharp and compile that to web assembly and if you are interested in machine learning and if you love AI you can now use ml. Reason To learn C sharp.

machine-learning Barnett

Dot net which is machine learning Barnett to build your application. and I just want to say that just because you know c-sharp the language doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to go through all of these different types of applications right away you’re gonna have to learn the type of industry that you’re gonna need you’re gonna like for example if you want to learn game design you have to actually learn game design if you want to build enterprise application you have to become a subject-matter expert in it if you want to build Android iOS apps you’ve got to learn how Android and iOS life cycle works and if you’re gonna learn machine learning obviously you got to learn about data science but with that being said it is great and have a common language that you can use between all of these different platforms so that you can just get started and actually building the application that you want to build as opposed to learning the syntax of the language finally if you don’t know yet gone are the days of the old Microsoft and this is the new era of the new Microsoft.

dotnet core

Dotnet core because I believe dotnet core deserves its own point so when I talk about.NET core going poor I’m going to be assuming that the language of choice will be c-sharp because it is the most popular language to use with donna core and there are other languages like VBA or f-sharp that you can also use but few interesting things about donna core is that it is now cross-platform which means that you are no longer constrained to deploying your application on a Windows server you can now deploy it on a Linux server.


which means that it is a lot more startup-friendly so earlier I talked about how dotnet framework was more for a battle-tested enterprise dot core is also for enterprise but now it is also more startup-friendly because you don’t have to pay for heavy licenses anymore. and along with that comes with almost a paradigm shift when we’re thinking about using a Linux system because in the windows world we’re very used to using Visual Studio or using some kind of GUI to deploy but now in the Linux world they’re used to using their CLI is the command-line interface.Reason To learn C sharp.

command-line interface

so that means that dotnet core has to come with a CLI as well which obviously it does and that means that when you’re now learning C sharp with on that core you are more aligned with the rest of the industry so if you’re going to switch to a different language like Python, for example, you’re wondering why you have to use the CLI to do like blah blah blah right or if you’re using node you’re wondering why you have to go npm install and npm run and all this stuff but it’s actually a normal practice in the industry. now and since it’s very CLI friendly docker support comes really easy with ionic core and with Visual Studio you can actually just check off the little darker support and it will actually produce your docker-compose files for you if you don’t excel yet let me just show you a quick graph here about the speed of Donette core which is now currently


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